Iceland Photographic Safari

South Iceland - Icebergs, black sand beaches and waterfalls 9-day photographic safari, Sept 24 - 2nd Oct

£1,995 per participant

On Friday I published news about this new photographic safari via my monthly newsletter. I will be going to Iceland this September to spend 9 days photographing the south coast with a group of 8 participants.

I decided that if I were to run a trip in Iceland, it would have to allow some concentrated time in some great locations, rather than be a flat out, snatch a few hours tour round the entire country. This I feel, is impossible, because there is just far too much to cover, and not enough time.

This trip has been put together to give everyone several days in a few choice locations. My favourite place being Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon where we will have two whole days there to shoot sunrises and sunsets, and also explore the black sand coast line where you will find many icebergs of varying shapes, texture, size and colour.

For more details about the trip, and the locations we will be visiting, please go here.

Please note: this is not a workshop in the detailed sense that my workshops are in Scotland. We will be moving every couple of days, and as such, our time will be limited to on-location shooting. So it's really a 9 day trip to get as much as you can out of the locations we will be visiting, and of course, you will get guidance from myself, be able to share ideas and thoughts with a group of like minded souls and immerse yourself in photography for a concentrated time.

I always let folks know about new trips through my newsletter first. The trip is now mostly sold out - six of the spaces have been filled and I only have two spaces left. If you want to know about new trips, and get first chance at booking onto them, then it's a good idea to subscribe to my newsletter! :-)

If you'd like to come, the two remaining spaces can be booked here.