End of Lofoten Photo Safari

Today was the last day of my little photo-safari trip with a group of 4 to the Lofoten Islands.

These shots were made during last March and December's trips. March's trip had a lot of dramatic snow storms, while December's trip was calm and serene. This February was a mixture of both, and I felt that I captured a lot more scenes that weren't presented to me during my last two trips.

We had a terrific time, and the weather really played ball - ranging from still reflections in the Reinevågen fjord over a couple of mornings, to blizzards where we were still out shooting in the most veiled light. It seems, that just about any kind of light here, is good light.

I'd like to say a big thank you to Lilian at the guesthouse 'det gamle hotellet' in Reine for our stay. Lilian is an excellent host. Good company which I'm sure everyone on the trip will attest to, as well as a great cook too. Each day we had a really nice breakfast and found all our packed lunches for the day ready to go before we'd even got up from the table.

So I'd like to thank Celena from Australia, Mike from England, Peter from Switzerland and Steve from Canada for coming along on this trip - some of them made some pretty big journeys to join me here. They were very good company, and I had a really nice time too running the trip and showing them some of my favourite locations in Lofoten.