Space in the landscape

When I made this shot, I felt at the time (and still do), that I made the right composition choice.

I had the terrible temptation to try to get more magnification on the basalt columns you see sticking out of the sea - this, I feel is due to what I described a few days ago in my post about 2% vision.

If I'd had a bigger telephoto, then yes, it would have been sorely tempting to get right into the heart of the picture - to the basalt columns of Reynisdrangar, but I feel that would have been an error. The strongest lens I had with me was a 120mm, which essentially is equivalent to a 60mm in 35mm territory. Not that strong, and I feel this compromise allowed me to think more about the sweep in the coast line and the snow and ice that was covering the usually black sand beach.

So again, not going in for the massively zoomed in crop allowed for a bit more context. It also allowed for a lot more space too - as I'd wanted to keep in the sky and the colours present there.

So is this image really about the stacks, or are they just an ornamental feature within? Is this image about the coast line, or is it really a contextual shot - something to illustrate the space, the feel of the entire coast line and climatic weather conditions that were there at the time? My feeling is that it's the later.