Adrift - 2 variations, 2 studies

You may have noticed the banner change to the blog, and also the banner change to the main web page. If not, then do a refresh or reset the cache of your browser. The banners have been updated with images from Iceland this December.

I'm currently in Bodø, on the mainland of Norway, getting ready to take the 5am post flight tomorrow morning to Lofoten. It is -15 outside, and that's before you add the wind chill factor. It was painfully cold outside tonight!

Anyway, I thought I'd share these three images with you, taken on my wonky Hasselblad this December/January in Iceland. I like the first out of the first two the best, but I think it just goes to show that taking the same shot twice, and considering the timing of waves, can reap dividends. I'm not saying one is better than the other, but certainly each one of them has a different character. The first image in this posting has more movement to me, and that really does justify the title of 'adrift' here.  The second image less so, because there's no wash around the ice bergs. However, in the 2nd image those sweeping curvy lines in the composition are just *wonderful* in my book.

I'm very much in love with this location. It has the most amazing, stark contrast between light and darkness.

Anyway, here's the third image, shot at the same location, which also suggests the notion of being adrift too. In fact, with this one, the ice berg almost looks as though it's floating on top of the sea, being carried away. I think this is also further compounded by the ice berg being very craft-like in shape too. It almost looks like a vessel that can indeed float on top of the water.

I think this one happens to look this way because the ice berg is actually sitting on black sand, but I caught it just as the water was flowing back towards the sea (I often prefer to wait until the tide is all the way in, as the receding movement is usually of a more ordered nature, providing simpler lines during a long exposure).

Anyway, I'll be announcing news of an Icelandic photographic safari by the end of the week through my newsletter first, so keep your ears pinned back (and if that looks too silly, then just check your inbox for a newsletter from me).

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