2nd Book Project

Dear all, Last year was a terrific time for me. Had someone suggested that I would have a book out, of some of my best material, and that the book would be as beautiful as it turned out to be, I wouldn't have believed them. Add to that, that the preface would be written by Michael Kenna, and I would have laughed out loud.

But as much as I'm always surprised by how things go from strength to strength for me with my photography, I'm aware that everything is a stepping stone. By that, I mean that one thing leads to another, and by taking the first step, the next step comes into sight, and I'm able to visualise where I'm going.

So I'm pleased to announce, that my 2nd book project is under way. I feel that if I am to continue to produce books, they should be very high end, art books, each with a particular topic in mind. I can't think of any more engaging topic right now (out of my current portfolio) than my Iceland images, for the catalyst for a 2nd book.

So right now, I have the above and below 'proto-type' design's in mind. The image above is of the dust jacket, while the image below is of a proposed clamshell casing for the book.

I have a very strong idea about what it is that I want to create. But I'm sure, as with the previous book, the designs will change over the period that I work on the book. I just want to share this with you, so you can see that creative ideas are never fixed, but things are always fluid, in a state of change. Even right up to the last minute, anything can change, and I just love that.

Creativity requires freedom to do what it's going to do. For that to happen, you need to have confidence in your decisions, and be able to be objective about what you're doing, and happy to change direction if things aren't working. Of course, this does not stop me from having a very strong idea for the book - on the contrary - I have a very strong sense of how this book will look - but I'm flexible enough to understand that ideas evolve, things get more finely tuned as time moves forward, and ultimately, I will produce something that seemed to take on its own identity.

I'm aware that this might all sound rather philosophical, or even 'preachy'. I'm no preacher. Just someone following his own 'instinct' or 'drive'.

I'm not too sure what it is, but I do tend to visualise final ideas in my head and once they're there, it becomes much easier to move forward. I have a visual to work towards. This of course, is something that can (and should) be applied to all aspects of our lives. So if there's something you want to do, visualise it, draw it, imagine it.

Think about it and dream about it.

I'm convinced that the effort directed in this way means that you move towards your goal, without really knowing it.

I'll be in touch about further news about this book. It gives me great inspiration and excitement, and that alone, is worth it.