Today, I've finished up editing my Norway images - to the first stage at least. I have made a rough selection of around 22 images that I like, and I feel it's now time to park them to one side, and let my mind forget them for a while or so. The intention being that I can come back to them in a week or a few weeks time, and I won't be so close to them....

I should be able to see any issues or problems that I didn't see at the times of the edits. The thing is, that sometimes I don't see a colour cast, or perhaps a dominant tone that needs to be corrected, to bring the entire scene back into balance..... these things take time.

So today I've begun work on scanning my Iceland images from December/January. Here's one of the first ones.

I made a terrible mistake of looking through all the images when I got them back from the lab... I had to - as I found I couldn't work on images from Iceland and Norway simultaneously.... which is something I've just discovered about myself and I'll need to reflect upon this and ask myself why that is so.

Anyway Dyrhólaey, what can I tell you about this place? It's stunning! And of course doubly so in Winter because the entire place is turned into a frozen paradise of subtle shade in the winter sky mixing with a dramatic black sand beach. I'm a big user of the Photographer's Ephemeris, but have to confess that I didn't use it to determine if the moon would be out, and whether it would be positioned so beautifully above the basalt sea columns of Reynisdrangar that you can see in the distant horizon.

I came back here a few times, and on the second occasion we had a lot of sea fog at the base of Reynisdrangar - another time, another shot, and most likely, buried somewhere in the mound of images waiting to be scanned over the next few days :-)