Back to Iceland

I'm heading back to Iceland today, for a week's long journey around the south side of the island. I last came to Iceland in June of this year, and spent three weeks wandering around the island with a terrible head cold, and a bad outlook on how I was doing in photographic terms because of how ill I felt. I'm feeling really good right now. Things have gone very well this year for me, the photography has been growing in a nice direction with the images I've created in Norway earlier this year, and also on my recent trip a few weeks back are making me feel very inspired. I'll be traveling with a nice heavy backpack / roll on trolley bag made by ThinkTank - I initially thought it was too heavy a bag for traveling with, but I'm growing to really appreciate it now, as it's great for getting a full Mamiya 7II and Hasselblad 500CM outfit around, and it converts to a reasonable backpack once on location (I do tend to leave some of the equipment back at the base though).

The Norway trip was something else, and I'm afraid I can't really write about it, until I have the films processed and I work on them in my little studio. And I've not had much free time to do that. So before I get round to working on them, I'm back off to Iceland to work on some new images of the south of the country. I believe there's a bit of snow there, but nothing too bad, or anything to make the trip hard to get around.

I'll write more once i have some more news, but until then, I hope you're all enjoying the festive break, or looking forward to the one at new year.