Back to Lofoten

Tomorrow, I head to the airport, for a long overdue break. I know... you probably think that I simply spend all my time making images and having a great time. But the truth is that I spend all my time making images, and having a great time. Ok, only joking, the truth is, that I've hardly had any time this year to make my own images.

I have a photography workshop business to run, and that requires me to be there for my clients, and work with them while we're on location. Doing workshops is extremely satisfying, but also very demanding of my time, and once i'm done with a workshop, I'm often looking forward to heading home for some down time. So recently, I've been thinking that I don't often get the chance I'd like to make images.

So I'm heading back to Lofoten tomorrow for a break. I'm looking forward to catching up with my Lofoten friends whom I met through my friend Vlad earlier this year when I made the collection of images you see above. I love to mix my photographic trips with social occasions if I can, as I feel that since I became a full time pro, that I seem to spend my time away from friends and family a lot.

So I thought I'd leave you all with this little postcard of images that I shot last March. I don't think there will be any snow there, but certainly, a lot of very changeable light, not to mention late rises (yes!) as sunrise is around 11am and it sets around 3pm in the evening. Ideal really, as the best light is around sunrise and sunset, so with a schedule like this, there's not much waiting around.

I will be back in touch once I'm home. But I won't be back for long, as I'll be heading back to Iceland (very) late December to take advantage of the low light and shoot in the south east of the country. I feel I have two possible future projects for new books on the horizon, but I'll wait until the current book, which is more or less a retrospective of my work, has had a good chance to be viewed and enjoyed by you all.

Speak soon.