Thank You!

I'm just home from my book signing, where I was surrounded by lots of friends, who came for support, and my mum came through too. It felt like a nice friend/family affair, and my talk went really well. I was asked my young Lucas (age 9, I think), if I intend to fall off a waterfall or crack into the ice on one of my ventures. I told him - yes, I expect it will happen some day (probably soon!). I'd just like to say how nice it was, tonight, to be surrounded by people who know me, and were there to support me. Thanks also, to those of you who have bought my book. It's been quite a journey, and I didn't plan any of it (being pro, doing a book, even making images).

I'm off to Norway this Thursday to shoot some of my own images for a week or so, and meet up with my Lofoten friends. I missed a flight during the summer and my friend Lilian sent me this email tonight to remind me to turn up at the airport this time on the right day:

Hi Bruce,

Just a short note to remind you to grab your bags and run to the airport on THURSDAY, THE 1st OF DECEMBER. This will eventually take you away, northeast from Scotland and to the country of the vikings or 'norse men'. Keep following your flightplan and you will eventually (2nd of December) end up on a big rock out in the ocean where it smells of fish all year round, where there is plenty of crazy weather and where a bunch of really nice people are waiting for you.

Says it all. I'm really looking forward to it, and I'll be there for a little while before Christmas.

I'd like to wish you all good plans for Christmas, and the coming festive season.

Once again, thanks so much for the kind words, encouragement, and the beautiful sentiments I've received over the past year.