Outdoor Photography Review

Steve Watkins, the Editor of the british magazine, Outdoor Photography, kindly emailed me a copy of the magazine review for my book. I've included it below - click on the image to see the full page. But I also include an image grab of the actual review, which I have to say, it perhaps the nicest review I've ever read about what I do. I think that Steve has 'got me' in one. Yes, I'm a Steve McCurry fan, and I've often felt that this shows in my portraiture images, and I'm also a big Michael Kenna fan (like, who didn't know this already?), so his point about my images being influenced by MK, makes perfect sense. We all have our heros, but hopefully, we don't plagiarise, but instead, we work based on inspiration. That's at least, what I try to do with my own work. Just follow your heart, and things will be fine : )

If you didn't already know, the book is available at the Half-Light press web site.

If you don't already know about Outdoor Photography Magazine, then you can follow it on facebook.