Book - local availability

For those of you who live locally - Edinburgh, and wish to come and pick up a copy of the book once it has been released (11th of November), you can now place an order for it on the Half-Light Press web store - choose Uk and 'pickup'. You will not be charged postage.

The book will be available for pick up at my office in town during normal working hours.

I may not be around, as I'm often away doing workshops, or working on personal photographic projects, but if I am there - I would be only too happy to talk about the book and sign it for you.

Books will be kept in the office for you to pick up during working hours of 9am to 5:30am, Monday to Friday.

My office address is:

Bruce Percy 33 Sandport Street Edinburgh Eh6 6EP

Please bear in mind that the book is not available until the 11th of November, but you can place and advanced order for it and come and pick it up after the release date. Limited edition copies with prints are selling out faster than I anticipated.