Matterhorn #2

This morning we camped up near the Matterhorn. It was a bit of a wrestless night and at one point, I was sure I could hear people's footsteps outside my tent. An hour later we rose, and to my surprise, saw two Japanese tourists standing at the lakeside making images. They were there an hour before sunrise and a few hours after too. I include a 'sketch' made with my little Lummix GF1 camera and 14-45 lens. I really do rate this little camera. It has all the controls in the right area - the self timer is just a little switch you move across, and the aspect ratios are easily changed using the quick function. I fail to see why Aspect Ratios are not a feature of all cameras. Not just the consumer compacts.

If I had my chance to design a camera, I would make sure the following controls were instantly accessible without any menu systems:

1. Mirror Lock Up 2. ISO 3. Aspect Ratio (rotate through menu)

Anyway, I decided to try out some night shots last night with the Lummix. I don't have a cable release for it, so I just made this one with my big fat thumb pressing down on the shutter for 4 minutes (should have been an 8 minute exposure, but I think I did really well hanging in there for 4 minutes - I now have thumb-cramp!)

I'm off to Iceland and Norway in December, so I'm definitely packing my Hasselblad, since it is a fully mechanical camera with no batteries in it. I now have a reciprocity chart for Velvia 50 that goes into the hours, so I'm feeling excited about the possibilities.