Foil Stamp

I'm just home from my Eigg workshop. Today I got some news from my book printer. So here is a little glimpse of the cloth cover of my forthcoming book. Printer will be sending me some advanced copies in a week or so. More concrete news to follow.

The Eigg workshop went very well, despite us having to leave a day early because the wind had kicked up so much we may have not got off the island today. The food at the B&B was as usual fantastic and the group I had with me were great fun. I have a few stories to tell from this trip and I hope to post some information about one of my participants who owns a camera rental outfit in Chicago called ProGear. Doug Sperling showed us some phase-one images and discussed some very interesting aspects such as lens choice. It seems that the tonal range captured by the phase one backs can be significantly affected by the type of lens you put in front of the sensor and we saw some images were highlights were lost using one lens and restored using another.

I think the highlight for me this week was forgetting my head torch, and myself and John, who is from Egypt had to walk down the single track road in complete darkness to our cottage. I have to say it was absolute black as we didn't find our eyes adjusted to the night. I thought I could gauge where to put my feet by listening to them on the tarmac. I failed miserably and managed to walk right off the road a few times and into some thorns. Ouch.

Still, I find the life I lead these days a very surprising one. If someone had told me I would be on an island trying to navigate in absolute darkness with an Egyptian client at 11pm a few years ago, I don't think I would have believed it.

Anyway, digressing a little here, I expect an announcement about the release of the book in a couple of weeks. I should have some advanced copies end of September to show you all.