Return to Iceland

In just over two weeks time, I'll be back in Iceland for a month of travel and photography. This is the first trip back to Iceland since 2007, and I'm currently planning on going back in January 2012 as well.

My intentions are to go and do some of the locations I had ear marked the first time I was there, but simply ran out of time to do. Two of them are treks - Landmannalaugar to þórsmörk trek and also the Ásbyrgi to Detifoss canyon trek.

What I love most about iceland is the light throughout the night. It doesn't really get dark in the middle of the Summer, even though it is below the arctic circle. I've had some amazing experiences cycling through the lava fields up near Krafla at 3am with no one else around for miles. It does mean that I end up sleeping throughout the day as the light is too harsh and intense if the sun is out.

I think some places require return visits. Not simply because I didn't get to see all of what I intended, but because they have a magnetic pull on you. Patagonia, Bolivia Norway and Iceland are in this category for me and I feel that repeat visits allow you to see a different face to the same country. It does challenge you to forget what you shot in the past, and to keep your mind open as much as you can to new possibilities.