2nd Lofoten Photographic Safari - March 2012

Due to popular demand (the February trip to Lofoten, Norway sold out in a matter of a few hours), I've organised a second trip for March 18th to the 24th. The price is £1295. I had a few people on the waiting list, and so far, three of them confirmed they are coming in March with me.

So this leaves 1 space left.

If you'd like to come, then you can review the trip details here but please bear in mind that the dates are 18th of March to the 24th of March inclusive of travel days. I have not advertised this single space on this workshop page because I want to give people on my blog first option.

if you decide you want to come - please email me and the first full-commitment email I receive will be considered the final place taker for this trip.

I'd like to thank everyone for their interest in this trip. It's blown me away just how much interest there has been in it.

This is the last workshop in Norway for 2012.