I'm busy working through my velvia films from my trip to Lofoten this March and have fallen in love with this image. I think it's the mood that's set from the tones in the sky and the textures in the water. I took this from the roadside. Myself and Vlad were walking towards Hamnoy, when I decided to stop. Sometimes, I'm not sure why I stop, only that I feel I'm responding to something that is happening visually that I can't really define too much. I guess I just respond to the mood of the light.

So I crossed the road barrier and set up my Mamiya and as I exposed this shot, watched the clouds in the sky cross over the scene and anticipated how the picture would turn out.

I'm sure that photography is not just about good composition and good light. It's also about watching and being able to take in the whole scene and imagine - transport yourself to how the scene will look once exposed, and to feel that you are exploring another world.