Lofoten & end of a workshop

I'm just back from Skye where I conducted a workshop with a group of 4. Certainly, one of the highlights of visiting Staffin for me, is staying with Kirsty and Simon at the Glen View hotel. Which I know for sure that everyone who came with me on the previous workshops will testify has the most incredible food.

Simon is a great chef (without doubt the best I've experienced on my workshops) and along with his partner Kirsty's taste in decor, the cozy hotel in Staffin is a great place to hang out. So I'd just like to say a big warm thank you to Kirsty and Simon for once again making us feel very much at home.

Back to the workshop. We had a terrific time and Sina, on the course sent me a lovely email today which said:

"Just wanted to say thank you again for a very rewarding workshop. I have learned a lot in terms of composition, landscape photography, post-editing techniques, and most importantly - what photography is really all about as an art form. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience in spite of my unfortunate tooth issue during the trip (which, again, I really appreciate your kindness in taking me to the dentist)! Also really appreciate your patience in dealing with a very amateur photographer. :) I have put my order in for the 0.9ND filter and can't wait to get out there and practice all the skills I picked up from the course. Thank you again for everything. I can't wait to tell all my friends about the beauty of Scotland, the kindness of the Scottish people I met, the Michelin star chef, and this amazing workshop that opens my eyes to see the world in a different dimension!"

It doesn't get much better than that, and it's often what makes the whole trip worthwhile for me. To know that I've had some impact on someone's creativity and given them some new thoughts on where to go with their photography.

So today also got a lovely email from Lilian, a dutch girl I met on Lofoten who own's a nice hotel in the middle of Reine. I feel I have a few friends there now, and I guess it should come as no surprise to you that I'm returning there late July / early August to photograph the Lofoten with my trusty film cameras.

If you are thinking of going to Norway sometime, and the Lofotens in particular, then please do consider Lilian's hotel in Reine. It has to be said that Reine was voted the most beautiful place in Norway for a while and it is stunning.