New eBooks Released

Title says it all :-) I'm pleased to announce the release of the following e-Books.

Simplifying Composition - Aspect Ratios, in which I discuss the many aspect ratios and how they influence and affect your compositions. There is now a 'beginner' tab to the store and in there, I have the three 'understanding series' of e-Books about Exposure, Depth of Field and also Histograms and Bit Depth. You may know all this stuff already.... but then again, you might not. I put these books together to cover the basics because I've been very surprised at how many participants on my workshops for instance, didn't know how to focus their cameras.

I hope you find them of use to you. I tried my best to distill into a very easy to digest format, what I think we should all know.

You can get them at my store.