Lofoten, Norway

I'm in the Lofoten islands, Norway right now. Staying in Reine with my two friends Camila and Vlad. The weather is crazy here in a good way. One minute there is a snow storm and the next minute, it has passed by. So things are constantly changing and it's providing some good photographic opportunities.

I'm able to give you an impression of Lofoten during the winter here because of my new Lumix GF1 camera. I have to stress that the resolution of this camera is not brilliant, but the lenses and optional aspect ratios and its compact size make it a great companion for some sketches.

Even so, it's just so much fun using it.

So my trip here has been an adventure so far. First I arrive and discover that the ferry was not running because of the stormy weather, so Vlad recommended I take the post plane in the morning. So I slept in the airport overnight in my sleeping bag, and got a tiny plane over to Lofoten at 5am. It was memorable because the air hostess asked me if I'd flown with them before and when I said I had not, she said "well, we will attempt to land on Lofoten, but if it is too windy, we will turn around and come back". Phew, I thought, that's a better alternative to trying to land and crashing and us all dying I thought.

So this morning we were out shooting and while I was setting up my Mamiya 7, a storm came in and this last photo shows you the background mountains rapidly becoming less visible as the front came in.

I feel like I'm on a different world right now. The silence here is amazing, the light is something exceptional and the company is great. I suppose in some respects, I feel like I'm writing a "wish you were here" postcard to you all.