Lumix GF1 Continued

Just back from Glencoe where we had some amazing light this weekend. I've just been playing with some of my 'quick snaps' with the GF1 in Lightroom tonight (I'm not that proficient with Lightroom, but it's quite an easy application to get to grips with), and I've created some nice darkroom versions of some of the square aspect ratio images I made whilst on the workshop.

I didn't have this beastie tripod mounted, and in some instances, I didn't focus it either. I was too busy running a workshop, but still, it was great fun to make some quick snaps with the camera and I have to say it's the most fun I've had in a long while with a camera.

I don't think the image quality is anything amazing, but to be honest, I really do think we get hung up on image quality a lot. Surely it's to do with the mood / feel you get from the images.