No sight of the aurora

I didn't see any trace of the aurora last night from Findhorn beach in Morrayshire. An astronomer friend of mine sent me an email just shortly after and he said: "Sorry Bruce, I meant to mention this month & next months full Moon are the largest & brightest of 2011  being closest to Earth, we just need aurora to happen nearer new Moon. Well just checking the current readings...   Activity level 4 Magnet field +5 (best to be 0 or minus figures) Solar wind speed very low   Doesn't look like the solar gust has hit us yet but if it were not for the current Moon then between the hours of 10pm & 2am is usually the optimum time for aurora watching.   Frustrating game this astrophotography eh?  ;-)"

Maybe you've had better luck, but based on what Mike was saying to me, it sounds like the press coverage is undeserved? I would love to hear from you if you managed to see something last night, or tonight.