Norway Project

In just over 1 months time, I will be up in the Arctic circle in Norway. My intentions are to shoot the Aurora, but since I've been to the Lofoten Islands before, I know just how beautiful it is there, that if the lights don't make an appearance, I should hopefully come home with a collection of new images showing the lofoten in winter.

So at the moment, I'm busy digging out my four-season sleeping bag - a nice mountain hardwear one which goes down to -20c. Brrrr..... I'll be away for just under nine days - I tend to prefer shorter trips these days. A short duration gives me enough impetus to get focussed and work hard at creating images I'm after. I've often found on other shoots that I come home really run down because I simply cannot stop while I'm there.

I'm also looking forward to Switzerland later on this year - in October. For some unknown reason, I seem to get a lot of Swiss clients on my workshops, and well... they're all so darned nice and I've had so many invites now that it was time to mark a date in the calendar and take everyone up on their invites.

So I do hope to have some new portfolio images to show you this year - landscapes from somewhere that isn't Scotland (as much as I think Scotland is very beautiful).

Sorry for the lack of posting on the blog of late... sometimes there's not really much to say, and other times, I feel there's already too much being said about things like gear, equipment, technique. So I do hope to share some more thoughts by the end of March about my Norway trip.