Book Progress

Apologies for not posting so regularly of late. I've simply had too much on, which is always interesting because if there's not activity on the blog, it can seem like nothing is happening. But that's simply not true. Today I've had some artwork returned to me from my friend Darren, who is busy putting the press-document together for my upcoming cloth-book. We're still in early stages, but at the moment, I've got the text written (10,000 words) and it's been reviewed by my good friend Michael who has proof read all my public material to date. The text is now away to a Journalist friend of mine who does this sort of thing for a living, so that I can get more issues ironed out with the prose. But I think it's in good shape at the moment.

Darren has kindly put together the artwork and book layout which you can see in this posting. You might notice that the title has changed. With most 'works-in-progress', it's often the way that you start with an idea and things develop and progress and take on a spirit of their own. My initial draft for the book was to use the same title 'Examples - the making of 40 Photographs' that Ansel Adams had for his wonderful book. I always thought that if I were to do a book, I would borrow the title because it's such a great format to illustrate anyone's work. If I had my way, every photographer out there would have an 'examples' book.

But sadly, on reading up about copyright and trademark infringement, I feel, that I may be letting myself in for some trouble. So I've adopted the title you see above, which I think in some ways is more fitting because my photography covers portraiture and travel, as well as landscape photography, and there's always been a sense of adventure in covering all these in my work, so I think I'm (pretty much) sure this is what the title is going to be.

I have a workshop on this Friday in the highlands of Scotland, so I'll be busy getting ready for that, but just to let you know that the first draft of my new eBook 'aspect-ratios' is complete and out for review. I hope it have it released in early February.