First Day, 2011

So thanks to those who posted a reply to my last posting of 2010. I personally feel I've drawn a line under what happened last year and I am now working on new projects, looking towards the future. I've just commenced putting the details together on a new eBook about Aspect-Ratios. I've been forming an outline on it for the past couple of months, and if I were honest, it's been bubbling up for some time due to the discussions that seem to frequent a lot (if not all) of my workshops.

I simply do not feel that a 3:2 aspect ratio camera is a good starting ground for a newbie. If you're going to cripple someone's ability to excel at making pictures, why not give them a camera with a really awkward aspect ratio that doesn't fit how we visualise?

But I digress a little. The main reason for my last posting was to illustrate how 'focussed' we have to be in what we're doing and where we're going with our 'art'. David, Mats, Peter and Phil were very enlightening about where they see themselves going.

But I'd now like to ask you guys - what have to done to start working on those aspirations?

I don't ask this with any sense of intimidation, but I merely point out that if we are to progress at what we do, we have to push ourselves forward.

Like a new years resolution that is often quickly forgotten and we can fall into our own habits, it's a danger to think about what we want to do and then never get round to doing it.  It's great to hear so many dreams, so many plans. Often I don't really quite know how I will reach point B from point A, all I know is that somehow I'll get there, but the only way it will happen is by being driven and taking action.

I do feel that thinking and dreaming about where you want to be next, can only help you get there in the end.

I end this posting today with a very old photo of mine, shot in New Zealand in 2001. I found it while trawling my library for a suitable image for this posting, and I feel it's apt. I have dreams this year to return to Australia to photograph, but I also wish to visit my brother who owns his own motel in Christchurch New Zealand. I stumbled upon this old image tonight and can't help but feel it's highly symbolical for me. Perhaps I am due to return to Australia and New Zealand this summer after all?

One thing's for sure, I often do find that themes, events, places, they all seem to tie in at one point and I love nothing better than to go with the flow of what's presented to me. So I take this finding of my old NZ shot as a good sign :-)