Lalibela Podcast

Situated in the northern foothills of Ethiopia, lies Lalibela, an important spiritual mecca for orthodox christians.

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I came here in September of this year to photograph the people in the context of the UNESCO rock hewn churches. Unbeknown to me at the time, I was on a pilgrimage of my own. Looking back now, I can see that my entire photographic 'career' has been that - a journey and as with everything in life, we only truly understand how far we've come, by looking back. Everything up ahead of us, is yet to be discovered.

This will be my last podcast for a while. They're very time-consuming to do, even though I do find them very enjoyable. But the problem is gathering enough new material to make one with. Lalibela was the first set of new photographs I made this year. I do have a trip planned to go to Norway in March 2011 to (hopefully) shoot the Aurora and also photograph the beautiful fishing town of A. Who knows what this may bring in terms of a future podcast, but until then, I'd just like to let you know that I intend to make podcasts in future, but only when I have new material and when the time is right to do so.