Painters as Influence?

When I was making the image you see below, I couldn't help but think there was something 'dreamlike' about the Storr landscape. It reminded me of a fantasy-like castle from a book for a while, but then it struck me that the scene seems to have some echoes of Van Goch's Starry Night picture.

Perhaps it's the swirls in the sky and the curve in the landscape (I've illustrated the flow and curves in the 2nd picture).

Certainly, when I'm making pictures, I'm often aware of the flow of clouds through the scene, how the curve of the land sits, but mostly, I'm just engaged in a mood or feeling that the landscape is projecting at me.

As well as getting inspiration from other photographers, why not painters too?

I've just recently started to read about Edward Hopper, who's 'empty' scenes of people in isolated settings almost feel as though he should have been a street-shooter. Capturing the moment of someone in thought. Likewise, surely if Van Goch had access to a camera, maybe, just maybe, he might have worked with that instead of, or along with paint?

Certainly for us, we have a wealth of art work to get inspiration from, to learn from, and I often suggest to folk on my workshops that taking an art class in the evenings would help them with composition.