Eigg Formations

There's one particular spot on the isle of Eigg that I've been drawn to for some time. Each time I visit Laig bay, I always have to come and check out this spot with the hope that the water levels will be high and I'll have what I'm looking for: a sense of space around the main feature you see in the photo.

During our Eigg workshop this September, we had the highest tide of the year.

Below you'll see a small contact sheet of some of the 'highlights' from this year's visits to Eigg. I went with a group in April, followed by a private tuition week with a Canadian client and then back again in September for a workshop with a group of 8. Each time I return to Eigg, the light is so different and I remember during September we had a brief 10 minutes of freaky light that lit up the entire bay in red as you can see from the (obvious) image included in the contact sheet (click on it to see a larger version).