Lalibela - birth of a portfolio

I’m in the process of writing a new e-book. It’s all about planning and executing a new photographic project with the intention of coming home from a trip with what will turn out to be a new portfolio of work. I use my recent trip to Ethiopia’s Lalibela as a setting for how I went from an idea to creating a final body of work.

I felt there was some room to discuss how I go about putting my trips abroad together, how I plan for them, decide what to take and how I go around making images whilst there including the logistics involved.

But I’d like to ask if there’s anything you think you’d specifically like to know in such an e-book? Maybe there’s something you find hard to figure out or you’re not sure about. So I’d like to hear from you - and any valid comments will be included into the e-book. If I like your suggestions, I’ll place a reply on this blog to indicate that your suggestion will be included in the ebook.