Bete Giyorgis (the church of St George)

Such is the wonderment of software, I was able to set this up as a scheduled task. So although I'm not here to post this, my little wordpress blog has done it for me. Here's a photo of Bete Giyorgis (the church of St George). It's one of my favourite places. The church is tiny, but it has been hewn out of the rock, not built inside a rock pit, but is actually part of the entire rock.

Each morning I'd make my way here, with the hope of finding some subjects to position in front of the church. I caught these three women sitting at the top near the ledge looking down into the pit where the church is situated. But I caught one of them standing up and moving off. I love the symmetry of the three figures. They are a diagonal line starting in the lower left corner of the frame and rising towards the top right of the frame.