Which digital slr?

So if you frequent my blog quite a lot, then you'll know that I'm a film shooter through and through. So much so that I've got two film camera systems - a Mamiya 7II which is my beloved camera for landscapes and a Contax 645 system which is my portraiture camera. I'm in the process of buying a Fuji GX680III at the moment, because I'd like to get closer to my foregrounds, and the only way to do that with medium format, is to use lenses with tilt in them. The Fuji GX680 allows me to control the lens movements, similar to how a Large Format camera operates.

Anyway, I'm digressing here... because I have a question for you!

If you were going to buy a digital SLR, and your criteria was to have something you could use the new Zeiss lenses with (I've just had first hand experience of the 21mm on a Nikon D700 this weekend and it is superb. No soft edges, corner to corner spades of detail), and you wanted to have low noise at high ISO's but you want to keep the price down.... what would you choose?

I ask this, not because I'm 'going digital'. I 'went digital' for 2 years, and then promptly 'went film' with no intention of moving to digital every again. However, I'm finding that on my workshops, it would be great to have something so I can shoot images to illustrate certain compositional techniques.