Arran Workshop

Last week I spent the week on the isle of Arran with a group of four participants. We had a good time and managed to cover a lot of different varied landscapes on Arran.

Arran is a subtle island. It does not have the dramatic peaks of Skye, nor the stunning expansive beaches of Harris, but as the tourist brochures say, it is 'Scotland in minature'. With a ring road that is 60 miles in circumference, we found most locations were within half an hour driving distance and so set off each morning around 5am to capture some of the best light. My favourite location is Pirate bay on the east side, as you may have seen on my portfolio of Arran to date, but there's a lot more to this island than initially meets the eye.

Where we stayed was ideal. I liked the rooms and we had a sitting room dedicated to us in the day time so we could review our images of the day and I even managed to slot in a showing of Michael Kenna's 'Hokkaido' video, which he kindly gave me permission to use (many thanks to the joy of giving something It was interesting because each day I kept asking everyone if they wanted to see the video and most folk were too interested in getting some sleep or working on their own images, but on our last day I managed to shoe-horn it in and it wasn't soon before everyone was glued to it. He's a master of simplicity and it's something I'm keen to focus on during my workshops.

Many thanks to Annie, Dorin, Milan and Peter for coming along.