Solas Light

Whist in North Uist at Solas Beach, I roamed the dunes one evening in a light that was strange. It had a bit of a nice mood to it, so this image here was my attempt at showing that light in the sky whilst also showing part of the beach layout and dunes.

To the west and at the edge of the beach, there was a rather high dune complex which I loved because of the gradients and textures on it. I tried to illustrate it in this photo.

Up until yesterday, I was just a 50, 80, 150 shooter for my Mamiya 7II. The 50mm is a beautiful lens which gives a similar angle of view to a 24 or 25mm lens in 35mm format. I've just aquired the 43mm lens, which I'm keen to try out as I hear it is a fantastic optic. Sometimes I find that I want to go a little wider than 50mm, but it's not often. I do find my 50mm lens just perfect for most wide angle shots.