Solas, North Uist

One of my oldest friends from my school days is from Solas, North Uist. He kindly gave me some tips of where to go. I camped right on the beach for several nights.

It was really windy whilst I was in North Uist. It's such an incredibly beautiful part of the Hebrides and I feel I need to return in Winter to get more photographs of it. There are areas here that I only briefly touched.

One night I ventured out onto the beach at Solas facing towards Harris. There's some very fine sand dunes there and the light was something else. I remember feeling it had the edge of a storm to it but with some strange colours happening in the sky. I love dunes and it's always very poetic for me to watch the ferns blow in the wind. Capturing the feel of a place, the sound of the wind, the exposure and feeling of being on the verge of the Atlantic, is hard to grasp in a photo. But for me, my photos are a way of helping me remember what I experienced there at the time.