Traigh Mhor

At the north tip of Barra is one of the most beautiful beaches I've encountered on the outer Hebrides. I went here on several evenings to see what I could do with such a minimalist location.

I took along with me my Contax 645 and left my Mamiya 7II at home. I feel it's the only way to really get into a new camera : leave behind what I'm used to otherwise I'll opt for it every time.

I didn't feel that enthused for most of my trip away. I found myself sleeping a lot and just reading books. I thought at the time it was because I was just so burned out from all the workshops and business things that have been going on this year for me. But I do remember getting all hot and excited about this shot when I saw it. So this brings to mind that sometimes we're just not inspired because we're either just tired or the landscape isn't providing anything at that particular moment that you can connect with.

I think it's very easy to blame the location. Oh, there's nothing here. When what we're often really saying is 'I can't see anything here'. I am the problem. I am not receptive. I am walking around with my eyes shut :-)