My office

Sorry I've not been on my blog in a while. I'm just back from Shetland where I had a great time, and I seem to have a bit of work on at the moment. I've just completed my Portraiture e-Book and it's now out for review. I expect it to be available end of July. It's a bit of a whopper this time. Anyway I thought I'd show you a little picture of my office desk.

You can see my Eizo monitor along with a Solux natural daylight lamp which produces a much more even spectrum of light (ideal for reviewing prints in the evenings). There's also a little iPad in the bottom right as I use it for testing my eBooks and some forthcoming items for it. Just behind it I have a large light table for reviewing my transparencies (it's covered by a cloth to keep the dust away).

There's also a nice set of Genelec studio monitors at either side of the monitor with a little Motu audio interface. I like good audio and I feel that when I'm working on my images, I like to be in a setting I feel comfortable in. I've also got a Herman Miller Aeron chair which I love.

So what sort of environment do you edit your images in? I feel it has to be comfortable, with no distractions and everything close at hand.