New eBook - Visual Sense Released

I'm just back from the isle of Harris. I must say, it's been all go this week...... But I'm pleased to now tell you all that my new eBook, which covers 'visualisation' is now available for purchase on my store.

Please note, you may need to refresh your browser!

It has been an interesting project working on this one, as I feel 'visualisation' is a much more abstract subject to discuss than say, composition. Once I found my thread though, things just seemed to take on a life of their own. Anyway, the subjects discussed in the eBook include:

* Converting a scene from 3D to 2D * Visualising in the aspect ratio of your camera * Understanding lens characteristics and their role in visualisation * Translation of a moving scene into a static one * Visualisation is tightly coupled to Style * Automation and lack of engagement encountered * Reasons that visualisation may fail

This is part 1 of an intended set of 2 eBooks about visualisation. Part 2, will discuss the printing techniques I use in the digital darkroom to realise the final image. But that's a long way off at the moment, so I hope you'll be happy with Part 1.

You can buy The Visual Sense here while I'm off now to have a cup of tea and a well earned rest :-)