Ethiopia - Planning Stages

So, I've had a bit of a mad idea this weekend. I've got a spare gap in my schedule for September so I thought I'd head out to Ethiopia. It's a place that's been on my list for some time. In fact, Lalibella is the place that's been on my list. Inspired by this podcast by my friend Jake Warga, I really can't wait to go:

However, with all trips that I do, I like to do as much planning as I can. There has to be a mixture of stringent organisation with a lot of flexibility built in so tha I can let myself be creative once I'm on location. I thought this might be a good subject for a future eBook on Travel Photography. Just what it is that I have to go through to get a trip set up, what planning is involved, what choices I make. I feel that a lot of people are often put off traveling with their camera because the whole prospect of actually making a move is daunting to most.

Anyway, I'm stuck in north Scotland at the moment at my Dad's. I was meant to go to the Hebrides tomorrow, but I had a bit of a panic with my Dad this morning and ended up spending most of the day in a hospital with him. He's fine, but I'll be hanging fire for a few more days before heading out on the ferry to Barra.