Just back.... and popping out again

Hi all, I'm just back from the fabulous isle of Eigg. I ran a nice small workshop there last week - hi to Adam, Brigitte, Dave & Pete.

As is usual with a great trip of any sort, I feel like I've returned from Mars. I can't help feeling 'did it really happen?'

We had a slight mishap with the Council deciding that no vehicles from outsiders are allowed on the island any more, so we had to make do with borrowing a vehicle for our early morning jaunts down to Laig bay. Eddie kindly gave us a lift a few nights along the small 1 mile track to the bay too.

I thought it would be cool to put up a little contact sheet showing a collection of images created by everyone on the trip. We had a fair mixture of 'weather' , most of which is 'good'. Seldom is weather 'bad' for photography unless it causes problems with keeping filters and lens elements dry.

I had a great time though. Workshops tend to be as good as the people who come on them, and you get out of a trip what you're prepared to put in. Everyone without exception on this trip got into the spirit of the week. I'm a little shell shocked to be home now, but I'm excited to think I'll be going back in September for another trip.

I'll probably not be on the blog much for the next few weeks. I'm away at the end of the week to the outer Hebrides for some 'me time'. Just me and my camera and a stack of Velvia. Wish me luck. Until I'm back on the blog good and proper, good luck with your own photography.