I came to Photography from Music. I've been writing music since I was 12 years old, and before then, I was drawing and painting. So I'm aware that I could be classed as a bit 'arty'. With that in mind, I'm very interested in making some movies. Photography is inspiring to me because it's creative, but so too, are many other forms of media. I've never really done any movies before, but I see the convergence of HD movie features in some of the new digital cameras quite compelling.

So I'm thinking about some new projects where I record either my own experiences whilst out in the field, or more interestingly (to myself) is the possibility of making movie-photographs. I'd love to make some short movies where they have all the aesthetics of a well shot photograph.

So do you have any experience of what sort of tools I'd need? I'm thinking HD-capable digital camera, Final Cut Studio (I'm an Apple guy) and some plug ins of some kind that enable 'grading' - which I believe is to film making, what the digital dark room is to photography. Your thoughts if you have any experience in this field are much appreciated.

Lastly, I feel I should stress that art whether it is photography, music, video, whatever, is a journey and we should always explore new territory when we feel it's where we should be going. I never really knew where I'd end up after a decade of making images. Photography has been quite a journey for me, and It's quite inspiring to feel that perhaps, I've only really just started :-)