Assynt : Podcast

Assynt is a special place, situated in the far north west of Scotland. It's not so well known as places like Glencoe, but I think that's more to do with Glencoe's accessibility. While Glencoe has a major trunk road going right through it, Assynt is tucked away from most people and certainly, the photographic press don't cover it much, if at all. Which is a blessing as well as a burden. A blessing because it's not overrun with photographers and a burden, because it takes more effort to convince people to come here!

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This podcast deals with the subject of isolation. Perhaps the biggest thing that bothers me while I'm away making images.

I sometimes find myself feeling too much on my own and in this podcast, I try to ask some questions: is it a wild landscape that makes us feel isolated, or does the landscape more or less amplify our own feelings and reflect them back to us?

I've been pumping out the podcasts lately. I'm sorry for the sporadic publication of these. It takes quite some time to put them together.... but they are a labour of love on my part. I often find I can get round to doing them when I feel inspired to do so. With any 'art', it can't be rushed, and conversely, you have to strike when the iron is hot (take action when you're feeling creative). I've been feeling creative this past few weeks.