Amateur Photographer Magazine

Last week I was interviewed by Amateur Photographer magazine, for a 4 page spread / interview on Torness for their April issue.

Torness is an incredible landscape. Man made, fractious in appearance, it's pretty much the opposite of what I tend to shoot. But surely there is more to landscape photography than wilderness? Not that I'm slighting the wilderness. It's beautiful, but sometimes I feel I should be pushing the envelope in my own work and trying something different.

Well Torness was just that, and I'd felt I'd come up with some compelling images. So I submitted them to Outdoor Photography magazine here in the UK. Not because I feel that OP would be appropriate, but because there's very little choice in who I can submit it to. I wasn't surprised when OP rejected my article about Torness and the photos. The editor was keen on the pictures, but in their words they 'couldn't get anybody to pick it up'. I've always felt since that rejection that my images did not fit the narrow guidelines of the magazine.

So it was with surprise that Amateur Photographer magazine got in touch. They weren't interested in any of my other images, just the Torness ones for the exact reason I felt they were worth publishing - the were 'a little bit different from the usual early morning landscape work'.  Please don't misunderstand me, I don't feel that the Torness images are highly original. If I were honest, I'd say that I was let loose with a new 5D digital camera and fell quickly into making images that were influenced by Michael Kenna's work, albeit in colour.

Anyway, the article should be out in April at some point. I haven't seen any of the text for the interview, so I will be interested to see how I've been represented. The girl in question who interviewed me did a great job with her review of my site, so i'm hopeful for a good outcome.