A breath of fresh air

It's all so easy to become very staid.... to keep within the same comfort zones. This applies to our reading as well as our art. How many of us find new photography web sites each week? Or are we all just going back to the same select group of book marked sites?

It's very easy to start to see the web in a shrinking way, and to think that there are only a handful of photography sites worth visiting.

So today, I went over to see what David Alan Harvey is saying. He's got a great site where he frequently shows off the work of emerging photographers. Granted, the work is possibly not to your taste if you are strictly a landscape photographer. I love it though. My tastes over the past decade have moved from pure landscape to nocturnal photography and then onto photojournalism. The story, not just a pretty picture. I feel my sensibilities have been broadened by my venture into these realms. I'm certainly no photo-journalist.... but there is something wonderful about Harvey's work and something doubly more compelling about his site.

If you're in the market for seeing something that is not the usual bag of tricks (Ken Rockwell, Luminous Landscape, DPreview, Photo.net, Flickr, Nikonians.... etc, etc) then you can possibly do no worse than check out David's Burn Magazine.