I've just been spending the last week on the isle of Skye, again in a trusty camper van. Cuilins from the bay of Elgol (Jan 2004)

There is something quite liberating about a camper van. It means you can stop anywhere and be there for sunrise, or sunset, and if the weather isn't working in your favour, then you can always pop on the kettle and have a nice cup of tea (I'm British, that's what us British people do - we love boiled water in copious quantities).

Having said all that, I find spending a week or so, anywhere, on my own - a bit too much. So this time I brought a pile of Audio books. Some were great (thanks Bill Bryson for your humour and company).

So what was Skye like this January?

Well, I parked below the magnificent Storr landscape and trekked up there early one morning. I did however have to use crampons and four season walking boots to get there. Icy, perhaps three feet of snow in places, it was hard going, but well worth getting there.

The only issue I have with Skye is that it's simply too big an island. I did around 700 miles all in, and I'm knackered. Happy, but knackered. I've shot in some of the most bizarre winter conditions we've had here in the Uk for over 30 years... and I'm curious to see how the pictures turn out.

The trip started in Glencoe a week ago, and it was -15 there in the morning.... I was out taking pictures in snow drifts for about one hour, perfectly happy, but when I returned to the car, I met another photographer and we got chatting. Well, he got chatting, I got mumbling.... my face was so numb, I'd lost any coordination of it - it was just like I'd been to the dentist!

I'm looking forward to a bath when I get home, and then I'll work on my images from Skye.