"Getting" the landscape

I'm just back from Assynt - a special area of the highlands of Scotland that I've been drawn to for the past 9 years. But it's a tough place. I've been here countless times over the past 9 years, only to go home feeling I didn't 'get' the landscape. It didn't give me the images I know are there. An early image from Inverpolly, Assynt

Perhaps some landscapes will always be elusive, but after two days of being stuck in-doors due to heavy snow which prevented me getting back to Assynt, I got back out there today for three hours. And it was a great three hours - for me anyway. For the first time I had perfect light, snow capped mountains and I also had to work a bit too - trekking into an area that isn't on any trail map to get the shots I wanted.

But I know that Assynt still has so much more to offer, and I really haven't managed to 'get' it just yet.

Part of this is, I'm sure, never being satisfied that you've got all the images you want (we all do this, don't we?), but I also think that Assynt doesn't give itself freely. Perhaps I have to earn it.