Landscape Photographers

Many thanks to Dudley, who was on my Harris workshop this November for sending me this today. me in the Landscape

What I love about the workshops is that everyone has their own style, and interest in photography. Dudley had spent most of his time up until the Harris workshop doing portraiture and flash. As is often the case, I find people coming on my trips who aren't obvious landscape photographers - as you can see here - Dudley was far too interested in taking pictures of the rest of the group (me included) while we were busy making images.

In September I had a group of photographers from all over - Australia, America, Denmark, Switzerland.... and the same thing applied. Christian is an architect by trade and said to me on his first day that he was 'interested in architecture, but not really landscape'.Image © Christian Egedius Bendtsen

By the end of the trips however, I had two converts: Christian was enthusiastic about the landscape and from what I saw of his work - had  'got it'.

Likewise with Dudley - for someone who'd only been into portraiture and flash, I think the trip had awakened a realisation that there was a landscape photographer inside him.

Image © Dudley Williams

Needless to say, I'm not used to being the subject of a photograph, but I'm going to have to get used to it, as I'm sure it's not the last time someone on my workshops wants to 'document' the trip.  :-)

I love this triptych that Dudley has put together of me though - even though I seem to have bandy legs, or a strange way of standing behind my camera!