Spacial awareness, music & numbers

Don't you think they are all related? I've found that there seems to be a high correlation between mathematics and music for instance - a lot of IT offices often have a fair share of musicians in their departments.

I can understand the relationship between music and numbers. Music is the division of notes being played at intervals and this all tends to boil down to how many beats, crotchets etc there are per bar. Music is counting in an abstract way. Maths is counting.

But what about photography? Don't you think that images can be broken down into basic components, each with different volumes, weights and most importantly - relative distances between the objects in the photo?

Don't you think that our brain tends to work out the spacial distances between relative objects in a photo - to balance the scene out?

Don't you think we just compute the presence, size, depth of objects in a scene against each other and the resulting sum of the parts either equals a well composed photograph or a photograph that jars... that doesn't add up properly?

Your comments please.