One of the greatest gifts I've been given through my Photography - is that of friendship. I've found over these past few years that I've met some wonderful, passionate people from all walks of life. Shadows of a changing Land - Peter Freeman

Just this summer, I had the good fortune to meet Peter Freeman. He came up to my home in Edinburgh for some tuition on 'digital darkroom printing' with me, all the way from the Lake district - an area that I know very little about - having only visited it twice - once when I was 12 and a few years back for a weekend.

Naturally, I know very little about my clients when they come to spend time with me, but what I often find is that someone turns up as a client and leaves as a friend. I know that this certainly happened with Peter and I. He came up with some wonderful 35mm transparencies which blew me away, and over the course of an evening, we spent time disecting his images and discussing how dodging and burning in Photoshop could improve what I felt were already stunning images. He left that night, having issued me an invite to come down to the Lakes and spend some time with him, which I did a few weeks ago.

It was a terrific time, and although I don't feel that the Lakes is 'my jurisdiction' - where I should be carving out a body of work from, I came home knowing that Peter has done just that - and he's published his own book too - which is Gorgeous.

He's passionate about the Lakes, and he's spent a lot of time getting to know regions that are seldom visited. During my time with him, it transpired that he is keen to work on a 'definitive book' about the Lakes - None of the usual twee - stock images, but images showing the Lakes like it's never been seen before. Only, I feel he has done just that with his current book.

I can't explain it - but I feel Photography has handed me so much - I've been able to travel to some pretty exciting locations, I've felt inspired by what I've witnessed as a photographer, but what I think I find the most engaging - is the people I get to meet along my way. I know it isn't over yet - I'm looking forward to those chance encounters and the friends I have yet to make.