Workshop Image

On each workshop I do, we tend to spend some time doing a critique on the images made during our time together. A few weekends ago, I spent some time with a group in Glencoe and there was one image from the entire weekend that really stood out for me.

This image was shot by Kieron Monahan - a photographer from London. He shot this on a morning where there was a temperature inversion - the part of the moor we were standing in was in a dip where fog had collected... and unbeknown to us all,  we were just a few hundred meters away from sun light!

I've been in touch with Kieron for over a year now and so it was really nice that he felt that he wanted to come up and spend time on the trip with me and the others. His images are very different from what I do as you will see from his website

Photography has many surprises in store for us all, and certainly, conducting workshops - can often find me as surprised as anyone else on the trip at seeing something new.

I always learn something, or come away from the trip feeling I've had a different perspective on how a scene should be shot, and Kieron's image of the lochan at the base of Blackmount on Rannoch Moor is perhaps one of the most unusual shots I've ever seen of it.