Do you suffer from Procrastination with regards to your photography?

It's not something that hampers me at all : I can always make images and feel I'm pretty driven to do so. But there's just so much more to being a Photographer than making images, and it's in 'that' region of my work, that I have issues with procrastination.

I still have around 25 images left to write about under my 'making of 40 images'. I just don't have much time at the moment as I'm gearing up for some more workshops this month : Glen Coe this coming weekend and also Torridon in two weeks time. I've also got some further research to do for some new trips I'm lining up. Like I said : there's more to being a photographer than making images. I only wish I knew where the time went.....

So I hope you enjoy the little video above. I think it sums up beautifully procrastination.