The making of 40 photographs

Ansel Adams wrote a fabulous book titled 'the making of 40 photographs'. It's an enlightening read and I would strongly recommend you buying a copy of it.

I bought my copy in 1992.

In fact, I love photography books - good ones. I'm not a fan of those books which show you pictures of cameras. I'd much rather delve below the surface and try to understand the motivations of a photographer. Well this book is most definitely a 'must read'.

So in light of this, I kind of feel inspired to do something similar. So over the next while or so, I will start to publish a write up about some of my images - the stories behind them, situations around the making of them and perhaps even some of the reasons for why I shot them.

I'm off to the Isle of Eigg this Sunday for a week, during which I won't be able to post. So I hope to publish my first entry sometime later this week.